Super Voter

"Super Voter", is a term used by elected officials, and candidates for office to describe someone who is least likely to miss an election.  This is measured using public information to determine which residents have voted in the last 3 LOCAL elections (DOES NOT include Federal or Statewide contests). 

Political operatives determine a "Win Number" (number of votes needed to win) and target universe (list of most likely voters).  The "Win Number" is calculated based on the number of people likely to vote and the number and popularity of candidates running against your candidate.

Decisions are made to capitalize on the campaign's time, money, and energy to focus on winning (reaching out to those who "matter").  This is more the case in lower-income neighborhoods, communities of color, and areas with high crime.

Being a SUPERVOTER is a service to your street, your neighborhood, and to your city.

Stand with ROXBURY and pledge to become a lifelong SUPERVOTER!

Who's pledging

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No I do not support The RoxVote.
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